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Anonymous asked:

I know you don't really know the answer, but why; do you think most Jrockers or even Rockers in general are assholes? They don't really need to be...


Because girls chase after them and obsess over them because of their music/image without any interest in the real person? Because they realize everyone is in love with their persona rather than their real self? Because they get full of themselves from people fwapping on them all the time? Because they have to deal with all the pressure from their management and record label? Because fans write them shitty fan mail and insult them? Who fucking knows, really.

If I had to deal with the kind of annoying, stupid girls they have to deal with, I’d be a fucking asshole too.

Oh wait, I do. And I am.

Let’s get right down to it, though - I don’t think rock musicians are a bunch of assholes. They’re people too, with lots of individual differences. Some of them are nice, some of them are moody, some of them are sloppy, obnoxious drunks…but does having a few less than stellar personality traits make someone an “asshole”? I don’t necessarily think so. We all have flaws and different life experiences, and we all treat certain people differently based on our personalities and specific interactions. Labeling someone an “asshole” - or a whole group of people, indeed - just because they don’t spend every minute of every day contributing to charity and expressing their gratitude to their fans is just ridiculous and overly judgmental.

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